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  • Salads

    • Blue Crab
      17 €
      Greek blue crab with herbs marinated in soy vinaigrette, valerian leaves, jalapenos, coriander oil and yuca chips.
    • Ganchillo
      12 €
      Baby rocket, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, mint, hartworts , jamon, gruyere croquette with chili, fresh basil vinaigrette, olive powder.
    • Caramota
      16 €
      Shrimps, bok choy, fresh onion, papaya, escarol, nastrudium, nuts, vinaigrette mango infused with galangal.
    • Puebla
      12 €
      Black beans, poblano peppers, corn, green cherry tomatoes, baby gem, crispy tortilla, egg, ancho pepper powder, cotija cheese, pink grapefruit and agave vinaigrette.

    Food Truck

    • Holiday in Cambodia
      10 €
      Wrapped crispy chicken in rice paper, iceberg, tomato, carrot, mint, coriander, spicy mayo and pineapple chutney.(3 pcs)
    • Bao buns
      13 €
      Pulled pork with ginger and lemongrass,cucumber, bean cress, carrot, chinese cabbage, fried onion, pickled mushroom shimeji, daikon roots, sweet n’ sour sauce.(2 pcs)
    • Fish Taco
      12 €
      Fried fresh cod, garlic mayo with chipotle pepper and fennel, iceberg, green cherry tomatoes , avocado, nastrudium and lime. (2 pcs)
    • Kingston Fried Chicken
      13 €
      Fried chicken with buttermilk and coconut, sweet potato , jicama slaw, bbq sauce with banana, scotch bonnet pepper, lime and coriander.
    • Chicken Fajita Burrito
      11 €
      Pulled chicken, chorizzo sausage, black beans, corn, pasilla peppers, rice with herbs, Montrey Jack cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole

    Main courses

    • Indonesian Chicken Satay
      16 €
      With coconut salsa infused with lemongrass. lime and mint, fried rice with mango, ginger. fresh onion and coriander.
    • Pasta alla norma
      11 €
      Fresh cherry tomatoes dressing, garlic and basil, eggplant, greek traditional pasta with cream cheese from Crete island.
    • Cottoleta Burger
      12 €
      Brioche bun, crispy chicken, mozzarella di bufala , spianatta, tomato jam, baby rocket, truffle mayo with fresh basil.
    • Udon noodles
      21 €
      Crayfish, carrot, celeriac, fennel, ginger, shitake, fresh onion, soya sauce, sesame oil, lime, basil, mint, bean sprouts, shiso sprouts, chili.
    • Wagyu Burger
      21 €
      Brioche bun, 100% beef patty wagyu, aged gouda, crispy onion, smoked bbq sauce, pickled cucumber, tomato.
    • Salmon
      20 €
      Celeriac root puree with ginger and green apple, salsa ponzu with smoked pineapple, buckwheat crumble and chive oil.
    • Hook up
      13 €
      Brioche bun, 100% beef patty, cheddar, smoked pickled mayo, caramelized bacon, relish onion, iceberg.
    • Butcher’s Treasure Steak
      25 €
      Hanging tender, parsnip puree, white corn choclo and salsa with herbs.
    • Spaghetti “La Tounta’’
      10 €
      Cherry tomatoes confit, onion, garlic, olive oil, chili, basil.
    • Black-Angus Rib Eye
      30 €
      Asparagus and horseradish cream, king oyster, truffle oil, peach chutney.


    • Bloody Moon
      8 €
      Hazel nut cake, vanilla cream , chocolate parfait , raspberry sauce, caramelized macadamia.
    • Panna Cotta
      7 €
      With vanilla Tahiti, blueberry sauce and crumble.
    • Chocolate tonka
      8 €
      Choux with white chocolate cream infused with tonka and orange, coconut crumble, passion fruit dressing with rum.